Marlin 22 Cal. Magazines

If you are looking for a Marlin magazine, you have come to the right place. Our Marlin magazines are made to resist corrosion, scratches, and rust for as long as possible. Magazine jamming due to wear and tear can be a nightmare, but our mags are rough and can handle long-term use without worry. All our magazines are Factory OEM original Marlin magazines, and we have been manufacturing them since the 1980s.

Steel magazines with either a black oxide coating or nickel-plated finish are among the variety of Marlin magazines we offer. You can freely match the magazine color that you need to the gun model without worrying about mismatched colors.

One of our specialties is the Marlin 22 magazine. As one of the most popular rifles used for dispatching rodents and young adult use, the Marlin 22lr is a staple in many family homes. Our magazine selection for the 22 Marlin includes Marlin 22 magazines, 22lr magazines, and Marlin 22LR magazines, and Marlin 22 shorts.

Marlin magazines for 22lr and shorts are available, allowing you to customize and purchase the magazine you need for your Marlin 22. You won’t have to worry about rodents catching you off guard or loading issues using our magazines. Long-term use is guaranteed with the metal options we provide, and we have a return policy if you find something wrong with one of our magazines.

The Marlin 22 is one of the most popular 22 rifles on the market — purchasing a magazine that matches the level of craftsmanship put into the rifle is a must. Our Marlin magazines strive to uphold the same quality that Marlin has in their craftsmanship within their rifles. If you received a damaged product or have other concerns, we have a return policy for those who found damages or weren’t satisfied with their purchase. Purchase your Marlin and Marlin 22 rifle mags today.