Remington 783 Magazines

Remington has become one of the top gun manufacturers for good reason. Their quality and craftsmanship among their competition are second to none. When you are looking for Remington 783 magazines, you will surely want them to be of the same standard level of quality that they offer. At American Rifle Magazines, we have been producing these magazines in our factory since 2013 and have been the OEM manufacturer since the Model 783’s inception when the tooling was created.


Our Remington model 783 magazines come in various styles so you can match the look you are going for. Made of steel, our magazines are offered in a black oxide coating, adding to the unique appearance of your firearm while continuing to uphold the durability and craftsmanship of the Remington product.

Remington models are some of the most prized firearms in many guns enthusiasts’ collections, and they are perfect for hunting. The black oxide magazines for the Remington class firearms prevent reflections that could scare away potential prey. For those gun enthusiasts who want a little shine to their Remington rifle, they can freely choose one of the other options, like our black-oxide finish.

Steel is one of the premium materials for gun parts because of its unique properties. Having one metal be corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant, and scratch-resistant without the use of added paints or finishes is rare, but steel offers just that.

With it being scratch-resistant and rust-resistant, the black-oxide finish is high-quality and offers full protection against the difficult conditions a magazine goes through in its lifespan. The corrosion-resistant qualities of the black-oxide finish offers enthusiasts the ability to add a bit more uniqueness to their firearms.

If you are looking for Remington model 783 magazines, we have options for you. Our selection of Remington magazines can serve your weapon reliably without having to worry about any of the elements damaging it over time. Shop our selection today to get started.