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Marlin 22 cal. & Remington 783 Magazines

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The crack of gunfire. The smell of gunpowder. The satisfaction of aiming well and hitting your target. These are all parts of firing weapons that you deeply enjoy. To experience these feelings, you need a solid weapon with quality magazines. Many people choose to own Marlin and Remington guns, two of America’s classic firearm companies, for their strong reputation and the excellent experience that follows. These gun owners need magazines designed to fit their rifles, but it can be difficult for the original manufacturers to meet the demand. 

American Rifle Magazines identified this need and stepped up to manufacture high-quality Remington rifle magazines and Marlin rifle magazines. We are proud to supply shooting enthusiasts like you with OEM quality magazines that are guaranteed to fit the corresponding gun models, as they are made with the same specifications as the original brand magazines. Our family-owned company is comprised of staff that has over 40 years of combined experience, focused specifically on meeting your magazine needs. We stand behind our Remington Model 783 magazines and Marlin 22LR rifle magazines, and we’re confident we’ve created trustworthy products that you need in your firearm collection. 

We greatly appreciate our customers and want the opportunity to reach more people. We offer bulk savings to retailers, collectors, resellers, or any other person interested in wholesale hunting rifle magazine orders. If you are interested in carrying our magazines, please contact us so we can discuss a partnership.  

We often have inventory available, so we can immediately ship your magazines to you. Since our magazines are OEM quality, you never need to worry about the magazine not fitting its corresponding rifle and needing to return it. This fast and convenient process gets your magazines in your hands faster, so you can get onto doing what you enjoy.

Remington and Marlin Brand Magazines

American Rifle Magazines is based in Connecticut and uses US components and US Steel in our magazines. Our family-owned business has truly committed to manufacturing high-quality, American-made hunting rifle magazines. For the decades we have been operational, our goal has been to improve shooting experiences for everyone with a Remington or Marlin gun.  

Remington Firearms, created by Eliphalet Remington II, has been at the forefront of innovation since it began in 1816 with its first hand-built rifle. They now boast a strong line of firearms and claim two of the best-selling firearms of all time, the Model 700 and Model 870. They are one of the oldest firearm makers in the United States. 

Marlin Firearms, founded by John Mahlon Marlin, has a strong history in the United States. They were one of the largest machine gun producers during World War I and are currently North America's most dominant seller of lever-action rifles. They also boast one of the world's longest continuously manufactured rifles: the Marlin 39A.   

Our close relationship with these iconic American brands is a source of pride for American Rifle Magazines. Tying ourselves to these powerhouse firearm companies has been a labor of love, culminating in our ability to provide you with high-quality OEM Remington and Marlin hunting rifle magazines.