Marlin 7 Round 22WMR/17HMR Nickel

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For over 150 years, Marlin Firearms has been a top producer of American-made rifles and rifle magazines. And remains a favorite choice for many game hunters and sport shooters.

A high-quality firearm requires a magazine to support proper use, so purchasing the right magazine for your rifle is vital. The Marlin 7 round 22WMR/17HMR nickel is an excellent magazine designed for bolt action rifles. It offers seven rounds of action and is a perfect choice if you're in the market for a hunting magazine.

It fits various Marlin Firearm models and is made with heat-treated steel. This magazine is also resistant to damage and corrosion. The 7 round 22WMR/17HMR Nickel is a good Marlin 22 magnum extended magazine for long-term use. It's a suitable replacement for older or smaller hunting rifle magazines, such as the Marlin factory 4 round. The rifle's power and the additional rounds available with this Marlin 22 magazine's high capacity make this an easy decision.

High Capacity Magazines for Hunting Rifles and Beyond

Of course, the right magazine for your Marlin rifle isn't just about versatility but also accuracy and fit. The Marlin 7 round 22WMR/17HMR, like all Marlin magazines, is functional, reliable, and is a trusted company standard. 17HMR rifles are accurate, robust, and excellent for long-range and short-range hunting. Meanwhile, 22WMR rifles are fast and just as powerful, with a slightly lower accuracy but a quality hunting rifle.

No matter what you choose, the Marlin 7 round magazine makes a perfect choice, fitting with both types of rifles and offering the reliable manufacturing that made Marlin such a popular firearm brand. American Rifle Magazines provides the best supply of Marlin and Remington rifle magazines. Contact us today – we'd be happy to help you find exactly what you're looking for!

American Rifle Magazines 7 round 22 win. Magnum rimfire replacement magazine. Fits models 882SS,982S,882,982,25MN,925M,782,25M,980,17V,917V,17VS, 917VS, XT-22 WMR & XT-17 HMR. Made from heat treated steel with a steel follower and a steel floor plate. 


  • SKU: ARM555-NP
  • Manufacturer: Marlin
  • Manufacturer Part #: 71922
  • Type: Magazine
  • Caliber: 22WMR/17HMR
  • Capacity: 7 Rounds
  • Finish / Color: Steel/Nickel
  • Subcategory: Rifle Magazines
  • Fit: Bolt Action