Tips for Taking Care of Your Marlin Rifle

Tips for Taking Care of Your Marlin Rifle

You have spent hours researching the best type of firearm for your needs and have finally landed on a Marlin rifle. These rifles come from one of the oldest gunmaker brands and have a positive reputation among firearm owners. Though the company has experienced many ups and downs throughout its history, one thing that has remained the same is the quality of the rifles manufactured. Many Americans like you also appreciate that these rifles are still made in the United States.   

Caring For Your Marlin Rifle  

The significant benefits of Marlin rifles are their longevity and dependability. If properly taken care of, these rifles can be passed down for generations without losing accuracy or trustworthiness. The following are tips to ensure your Marlin rifle lasts as long as your passion for shooting it.   

Read The Manual  

Though most manuals are considered guidelines to be discarded, a firearm manual can provide valuable information about your specific model of Marlin firearm. Not only is it a guide on how to keep your rifle in perfect working condition, but it is also a handbook on safely handling the firearm. It will show you how to arm and disarm the rifle and the proper method for disassembling and reassembling during field stripping.  

Clean Your Rifle  

Though it may become tedious, it is essential to properly clean your firearm following each use with a gun cleaner, lubricator, and protectant (CLP). CLPs have been perfected to meet all of your firearm’s fundamental needs. Whether using the rifle on the range or while hunting, effectively cleaning the weapon when you are finished will ensure longevity and safety. A build-up of gunpowder and other residues can cause the firearm to corrode, and improper cleaning methods can affect the rifling of the barrel, causing the rifle to be less accurate or even unsafe.   

Use Compatible Magazines 

Even the most reliable firearms are likely to fail when used with inappropriate magazines. You should purchase Marlin magazines from the manufacturer or an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) like American Rifle Magazines. This will ensure the magazines you buy are high-quality and safe with your Marlin rifle.   

Properly Store Your Rifle  

Firearms should be safely secured behind a lock when not actively in use. Trigger locks will prevent unauthorized use of the firearm. Gun safes or locking gun cases can keep the firearm away from unauthorized users while also offering the additional protection of being in a clean, dry location. Firearms not properly stored are susceptible to rust from moisture or other damage from objects rubbing against them or landing on them.   

American Rifle Magazines  

American Rifle Magazines recognized the importance of Marlin rifles among firearm users and stepped up to fill the need that original manufacturers are often unable to meet. Our Marlin 22 rifle magazines are guaranteed to fit their corresponding Marlin rifle safely and firmly. Whether you need American-made hunting or range magazines, look no further than American Rifle Magazines. With our magazines and tips for caring for your Marlin rifle, you are ready for your next hunting trip or a day at the range.