The Evolution of Remington Hunting Rifles

The Evolution of Remington Hunting Rifles

With a rich and vibrant history that has lasted for over 200 years, Remington has commanded a respected position in the firearm industry. Since the company’s creation in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington II, generations of Americans have relied on Remington rifles for a variety of purposes. One of the reasons for their dominance in the firearm industry is their constant innovation, resulting in rifles that continue to have a prominent place in firearm users’ gun cabinets.   

Remington History  

In 1816 when Remington first began manufacturing rifle barrels, they were created with the long and tedious process of hand forging: using muscle power, heat, and sledgehammers to mold the metal into usable barrels. Eliphalet Remington discovered a forging method that used water to power massive hammers, eliminating much of the manual labor requirements.  

 During the Civil War, Remington broke into the government sector by applying for government contracts. The company grew significantly during this period, and these contracts dominated the manufacturing process. However, the company maintained its respect for and dedication to its civilian market, continuing to build weapons for hunters and other customers on American soil.  

Once the war ended and the market became scarce, Remington capitalized on Western expansion by viewing it as a marketing opportunity. Many of the derringers seen in Western movies during the late 1800s were likely made by Remington. Attempting to appeal further to the civilian market, Remington began manufacturing shotguns to draw in the growing market of bird hunters.  

After a period of struggle, Remington sent thousands of American sportsmen questionnaires to help their reentry into the market. This led to the development of a new bolt action rifle, the updated version of which would become the best-selling sporting rifle. Remington also came back to the market with their first pump-action shotgun. When this model failed, they quickly went back to the drawing board and produced a shotgun that would become the best-selling pump-action shotgun in all firearm history.  

Though the following decades would bring many different rounds of financial struggles, the firearms produced by Remington throughout its history have remained a staple among American hunters.   

Influential Remington Firearm Models  

Remington has a pronounced history of building firearms that are innovative at their release while also standing the test of time. The following rifles are some of their most influential throughout the decades:  

Remington Rolling Block Cartridge Rifle (1866)  

Built using a new and patented action that created a smooth process for loading the weapon, the Rolling Block was immensely popular and used by more than half of the world’s armies or purchased for martial or police purposes.   

Remington-Lee Bolt Action (1879)  

Skilled gun designer James Paris Lee originally created this weapon while working with another firearm manufacturer; however, they were unable to complete the project, and Remington stepped in. This rifle featured a detachable box magazine and was the groundwork for what would become the bulk of Remington’s success with hunters and sportsmen seeking rifles.   

Remington Model 8 (1906)  

The first semi-automatic rifle chambered in a round appropriate for deer hunting, the Model 8 proved that self-loading rifles could be reliable and accurate while hunting many different game types. Though it was not a huge success, it laid the groundwork for the acceptance of self-loading rifles.  

Remington Model 700 (1962)  

This bolt-action rifle has a reputation for incredible accuracy, owed to several design factors such as a snug barrel chamber, unique bedding system, and fast lock time from the trigger and bolt design. The Model 700 is one of the best-selling bolt-action rifles in history, with more than 5 million sold.  

Remington Hunting Rifles  

Through its ups and downs, Remington has remained dedicated to producing quality hunting rifles that meet and exceed the user’s needs. Remington rifles have been held by many famous Americans, including Annie Oakley, George Armstrong Custer, and Tom Frye. Remington’s history, so deeply ingrained in the American story, makes American Rifle Magazines proud to be a supplier of Remington 783 magazines.